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Unsecured consumer debt reaches 2.5 trillion dollars in 2007.

Foreclosure rates up 60% in February 2008 compared with the same month last year.

The number of Americans filing for consumer bankruptcy increased by nearly 40 percent in 2007, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute.

Currently: 5/30/2015  6:13:21 PM

Welcome to CRS Financial Services

ATTENTION CONSUMERS STRUGGLING WITH PAYDAY and other SHORT TERM LOANS!! CRS currently is working with many popular short term lenders to extend their terms and give our clients lower monthly payments. If you are a consumer having difficulty with short term loans, credit card debt, or medical bills, call us today or fill out the short inquiry form.

*Payday Loans
*Cash Advance Loans
*Short Term Signature Loans.
Note, not all independent lenders offer concessions. Not available in all states.

Why choose CRS Financial Services? Since 1995, we have been helping families and individuals eliminate the burden of crushing credit card and other unsecured debt. In those cases with qualifying lenders, CRS can help in one or more of these areas:

> Eliminate Harassing Calls.....
> Reduce Monthly Payments....
> Reduce or Eliminate Interest...
> Avoid Bankruptcy....
> Stop Late and Over-limit Fees...

SEE IF YOU QUALIFY NOW! 1(888)492-7283

*No Up-Front Fees
*No Charge Consultations
*No Obligations
Certified Counselors explain in detail all your options and allow you to make an educated decision based on your situation without high pressure tactics>

8/17/13... A nice email we just received from "Joel and Patricia"
"CRS Financial:
We cannot say thanks enough for your service and credit counseling it took to help us pay off almost $20,000 of debt in less than 7 years! We are ecstatic to have that financial goal checked off our list and look forward to putting that money towards other debt and savings.
It has been a roller coaster of emotions and events but with your help we've experienced a new level of financial independence! We are celebrating!"
Thanks again!

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